During the past ten years, I have gained both a practical and a conceptual background in the air transport industry.

The hands-on experience started as early as 1995 when I enrolled for a post secondary study in ‘aviation logistics’ at the ‘Netherlands Aviation College’ (NLC). The courses, the internships and the jobs that I accepted besides my studies were operationally focused, particularly on the air cargo industry. I really did the blue-collar work at an airline, forwarder and integrator operations, building-up and breaking-down the pallets during day and night shifts.

Although being one of the guys in the warehouse was quite instructive, the intellectual challenges remained limited. Therefore, I decided to continue my studies and enrolled for what is nowadays called a bachelor degree in Business Logistics at the Haarlem Business School. These studies provided me with a broader knowledge base of the transportation and logistics sector, while there was also a focus on the air cargo industry.

After having finished these studies, I considered that a broader body of knowledge on economics and business administration would be desirable. My ‘knowledge hunger’ brought me to the Free University Amsterdam where I enrolled for a Master in Economics. I obtained my Master degree in february 2006 with a thesis on ‘competitive rivalry in the air cargo industry’, which I wrote under supervision of the department of transport economics.