Brand Image in Express Logistics

brand-managementThe purpose of the thesis was to find elements in marketing the express companies in the case study could use as a differentiation method within the local Finnish market. Express logistics companies are global logistics providers that have overnight delivery capability. The study was commissioned by one of the companies, DHL Express.

The qualitative method was used to conduct this study. Qualitative data was collected by a series of semi-structured interviews of express company customers. Four customers were interviewed so that relevant data could be extracted from all different companies in the market.

All answers to the interviews differ from one another, a phenomenon common to semi-structured interviews, there were a few answers in common to all of them that allows the author to draw some general conclusions. Customer interviews revealed that the company local image comes mainly from their local product portfolio and the salesperson activities. Their improvement suggestions from customers mainly concern the products and their versatility, and also the personal touch in both products and customer service. Customer service was seen as part of the product. Improvement suggestions to sales contacts were to invest more in quality of the contacts and not the amount, and also the customers like to be taken seriously, and not for granted.

In addition the author recommends that express companies involve the customer to the future advancements in both systems and products, to get the highest amount of customer satisfaction possible. Further improvements need to be made for training of both customer service individuals, sales people and marketing staff, also their actions need constant monitoring. According to this study the future products should possibly include different “building blocks” that customer can use to personalize the products to their needs. Fur-thermore future training of customer service and sales should include more of basic knowledge of human nature and emotional intelligence than just plain sales tactics. Mar-keting staff should also be trained to produce material with greater impact and quality.
Brand image in express logistics


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