The Impact of the Internet of Things on Revenue in Supply Chains

internet of thingsThe Internet of Things is increasingly used to enhance supply chains by providing additional information and making decisions based on this information. This research analyses the bene fits the Internet of Things has on supply chains through a literature study, and looks how these benefi ts can increase revenue within a supply chain. The goal of increased revenue is competitive advantage. The Internet of Things allows existing business models to change and allows new business models to emerge. The results from literature research are placed in business reality by interviewing people with diff erent functions related to the Internet of Things and supply chains.

The results of this research are twofold. Firstly, this research provides five benefi ts that can be used to increase revenue in a supply chain, of which each its applicability is confi rmed by results from interviews. Secondly, this research has found ve business models that are able to emerge because of the existence of the Internet of Things. The results of this research allow a business to increase revenues from a supply chain and to utilize new business models the Internet of Things makes room for.

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